About us

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What we do

StreetGames is a sports charity that changes lives and communities. We do it by supporting a network of projects which give sports and volunteering opportunities to young people in disadvantaged communities across the UK. Doorstep sport is StreetGames’ delivery method, whereby we bring sport close to the home in disadvantaged communities at the right time, for the right price, to the right place and in the right style.

The aim of each StreetGames project, accredited by StreetMark, is to be sustainable and become part of the fabric of the community. This leads to stronger and safer communities, a championing of social action and volunteering, as well as improved health and wellbeing.

StreetGames is proud that it gives young people exactly what they’re seeking – the chance to enjoy sport, give back to their communities and aspire to greater things. The enthusiasm that this breeds leads to an increase in sports participation and a recognition of the enjoyment that can be gained from taking part in sport.

At StreetGames we offer our projects Us Girls, The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers, StreetGames – Legacy Leaders and Training Academy programmes to maximise their chances of creating positive change.

Who we are

StreetGames was launched in 2007 to change lives and change communities for the better. We were inspired by the success of joint work by The FA, The Football Foundation and agencies working in deprived areas. Since then, projects across the UK have benefitted from the StreetGames doorstep sport method.

StreetGames is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission (registered charity number 1113542) and as a company limited by guarantee with the Registrar of Companies (registered company number 5384487).

Read the StreetGames Strategic Plan 2013 - 2017 here »

our values

StreetGames is the national charity which develops doorstep sport in disadvantaged communities.

Social inclusion
StreetGames advocates that sport is a catalyst for social change in disadvantaged communities.

StreetGames helps people to become the best they can be through taking part in and leading sport initiatives.

StreetGames values partnerships which draw on each others’ strengths and expertise and believes in sharing good ideas and resources.

Doorstep sport is an emerging style of community engagement and sports delivery – there is still much to learn and techniques to be tested. We bring a creative and flexible eye to new situations and challenges.

StreetGames challenges the barriers which prevent so many women and girls, black and minority ethnic communities and disabled people who live in disadvantaged areas from taking part in sport. 

View StreetGames' Equality Policy here »

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