Changing sport

In the UK there is a significant disparity in the sporting opportunities which are open to the different socio-economic classes. StreetGames believes that all young people should have the chance to access to sport regardless of their background.

Young people growing up in England’s highest-earning households are more than twice as likely to receive sports coaching and take part in organised, competitive sport, than those growing up in the lowest-earning households. The same is true of rates of club membership amongst young people. (Source: Sport England Active People Survey 4 (2009/10)).

In the UK, sport is traditionally laid on within a rigid structure based around clubs and schools. However, this method does not always appeal to young people from deprived areas, who may feel alienated as a result.

Doorstep sport

Instead, StreetGames uses doorstep sport. Doorstep sport is sport brought close to the home to young people in disadvantaged communities at the right time, for the right price, to the right place and in the right style. All StreetGames projects follow this method and are locally run and managed by leaders from within the communities.

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