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Q) Does StreetGames promote sport for good or sport for sports sake?

A) StreetGames does both. Sport for sports sake is very important to StreetGames. At the moment disadvantaged communities have limited access to sport. StreetGames thinks this is wrong and so works with mainstream sports organisations - especially Sport England - to increase provision in target areas.  

At the same time StreetGames is well aware of the social benefits of sport, sport for good. Appropriately delivered sport can and will reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, and improve rates of physical activity and health. StreetGames' doorstep sport increases individual's and a community's capacity too.

Q) Where does StreetGames operate?

A) StreetGames aims to operate in the 20% most deprived areas in the UK. At present 87% of StreetGames' participants are from disadvantaged communities.

To find out how deprived a certain area is in the country, enter the full postcode here

Q) What kind of local providers does StreetGames work with?

A) StreetGames works with a wide-range of local providers, including local authorities, schools, existing sports clubs, community groups and local leaders. As long as the organisation or individual has implemented the necessary safeguards and is committed to helping young people access sport, StreetGames will work with them. 

Q) How is StreetGames funded?

A) StreetGames is funded by Sport England. The Football Foundation supports 13 specific projects in the netwok. StreetGames also relies on corporate and public donations from its commercial partners, strategic sponsors, social partners and funders and welcomes enquiries from organisations interested in getting involved.

Q) What is The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers programme?

A) The Co-Operative StreetGames Young Voulnteers (CSYV) programme is an initiative developed between StreetGames and The Co-operative to help young people aged between 16 and 25 develop their sports coaching and community leadership skills. It provides them with the opportunity to volunteer at their local sports projects, gain qualifications and support their communities.

Q) What is a StreetGames festival?

A) StreetGames festivals are sports tournaments designed to give young people from neighbourhood projects the chance to compete against each other, meet new people and learn new sports skills. StreetGames festivals generally take place during the summer.

Q) What sports are offered by StreetGames projects?

A) StreetGames projects offer a wide variety of sports and include the following. Multi-sport sessions, football, basketball, futsal, StreetCheer, StreetDance, netball, handball, fencing, athletics, angling, badminton, cricket, Tri Golf, rugby league, rugby union, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, judo, rock climbing & roller sports. 

Q) Why is an organisation such as StreetGames needed in the UK?

A) Research has shown that sport participation levels at grassroots and elite level in the UK are dramatically skewed, with those living in disadvantaged communities severely underrepresented. In such areas there are distinct barriers to participation, ranging from lack of resources to social perceptions. StreetGames projects help break down these barriers and get young people into sport.