My Sporting Life

In a series of exclusive interviews, StreetGames' sporting celebrity ambassadors and supporters tell us their stories and give fascinating insights into the world of elite sport - the hard work, commitment, struggle and rewards that lie behind their careers. 

They also tell us why they are giving StreetGames their support as we continue to provide sporting opportunities to young people from the UK's most disadvantaged communities. 

For a bonus read in each story, click on the silver-backed Insight box to view a detailed breakdown of one aspect of their life in sport.

Claire Bennett »

Imagine training over half of your life for a day which never arrived. The hours of sweat, the dedication, the sacrifice – all of it laid down in painful and painstaking instalments for the day on which you could draw it all back, only to be told that the reward of representing your country at a home Olympics wouldn’t be given to you.

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Jacqui Oatley »

The wonderful thing about dreams is that they flit into our minds without barriers. The trick for all of us is to ensure that they remain unfettered while we strive to turn them into reality.

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Nicola Adams MBE »

As she stood, arms aloft and her ever-present smile beaming out towards a rapturous crowd inside London’s ExCeL Arena last August, Nicola Adams knew that she had changed her life forever. What she didn’t realise at the time was that as the first woman ever to win an Olympic Boxing Gold medal, she was about to change the lives of others, too.

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Sarah Stevenson MBE »

An ordinary girl from a village near Doncaster. An extraordinary sporting life. Sarah Stevenson offers irrefutable proof of what can happen when natural talent is allied to hard work and opportunity.

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Zac Purchase MBE »

A glorious summer’s day, Eton Dorney lake as still as a mill pond, boat gliding along as the oars maintain an insistent purring rhythm, the stands at the far end of the course rising to a crescendo of noise as you make your way down the course and 30,000 spectators bellowing with pride as you clinch an Olympic silver medal. What’s not to like about rowing?

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