Project Monitoring

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Tracking Performance & Demonstrating Impact

Monitoring and evaluation is an essential part of good project management and a vital tool to demonstrate the impact and value of a project.

To assist organisations within our network, StreetGames has developed a simple to use on-line monitoring tool, which enables projects to:

  • Track performance (sessions, participants, throughput, events)
  • Review the profile of participants (age, gender, ethnicity, disability)
  • Review take-up by individual sports
  • Review infrastructure development and development of local capacity (coaches, volunteers, new qualifications).

The system is accessed via the StreetGames website. KPI data can either be entered directly onto the system or alternatively attendance records (using the StreetGames MDT) can be automatically uploaded onto the system - for ease and speed of entry.

The system automatically produces project reports, thus providing easy to use downloadable or hard copy reporting information to enable projects to:

  • Keep track of performance against key aims, targets and objectives
  • Find out more about its participants, volunteers, coaches and the activities they are taking part in
  • Inform the planning process and adjust/improve performance as required
  • Identify common themes and trends
  • Identify good practice and lessons learnt
  • Demonstrate the impact and value of a project
  • Easily add data into eg Committee Reports or updates to funding partners.

To access the monitoring system, you will need to be logged into the website, click the image on the right hand side.

After consultation with local projects the system has been further enhanced to assist with retention and participant tracking.


To help projects increase retention rates and identify which participants may be in danger of ‘dropping out’ we have added a retention wizard to the monitoring system. Now it is easy to chart the retention rates of individuals and projects. This gives projects a greater understanding of the profile of their participants and the information to act accordingly to encourage regular attendance and minimise ‘drop out’.

Upload the attendance records and the retention wizard will analyse the retention rates of individuals and projects. The analysis will break down participants into four groups; ‘newbie’, ‘settling in’, ‘core’ and ‘dedicated’ and provide potential strategies for coaches and Project Managers that can be adopted with each group.