StreetGames Awards 2014 | The winners

THE winners of the StreetGames National Awards 2014, sponsored by Grant Thornton, were announced at a ceremony on Wednesday night. Here is the full list of winner and their reactions on the night:


Dewsbury Doorstep Club

Neil Jones - Senior Sport & Physical Activity Development Officer at Kirklees Council:
“Dewsbury has had some negative press in recent years so it is nice to be credited for something positive that is going on.
This award will definitely resonate with the young people at the club.
StreetGames has given us loads of opportunities to put on lots of diverse activities within the club and that is what has helped us to retain and bring new people in all the time.”


Vanessa Lindo – George Salter Academy

Vanessa Lindo:
“It felt great to win. I shed a little tear when I came off stage.
I didn’t know I was being nominated until I got shortlisted. It was a bit of a surprise. I was really excited and happy to see that all of my hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and all of the comments from the girls on the video that was shown on the night were really nice.”

Rus Smith – Midlands Tutor, StreetGames Training Academy – and formerly extended School, Community and Sports Development Manager, George Salter Academy:
“Vanessa has changed over the years. When she was 14 or 15 she was very interested just in herself but now she thinks about others around her. It is nice to see you. She means a lot to the participants.”


Tony Baker – Child Dynamix

Tony Baker:
“We have a good rapport with the kids and that trophy is for the kids who turn up week after week, month after month. Even when there’s torrential rain we get 20 kids coming along so we must be doing something right. They feel comfortable with us. I’ll take this back, show it to the kids and they will all be celebrating. They see me as one of them not as a figure of authority.”


Milton Keynes Leadership Academy

Caroline Moran – Sports Development Officer, Milton Keynes College:
“It was fantastic to get the award on the night. You kind of feel that there was nothing to start with and we’ve managed to build something up from scratch so it’s nice to have that recognition for all that hard work and having to go that extra mile. It’s also nice to see how far we have come in such a short space of time.
For the project as a whole it will be great to tell the whole community and to be able to engage with a wider audience. I hope it will mean we are able to attract and recruit more youngsters to become volunteers.”


Access Sport – Active Women Project

Becca Owen – Programme Manager, Access Sport:
“It was amazing to win the award. It is for all of the clubs that we work with. It’s about recognising their work. We will take the award around to them all and show them and make sure that they know about it because as much as we have coordinated it, it is very much on the ground and it would not happen without them.”

Kate Anstey – Club Development Manager, Access Sport
“It feels like recognition for two years of quite tough work and doing things a lot for the first time because our charity hadn’t run projects like that before so it was completely new learning. To come out of it at the end with recognition like this, our smiles say it all.”


The Friary Doorstep Sport Club

Paul Pritchard - Sports Development Manager for Wiltshire Council:
“It’s been absolutely fantastic to win this award. It is huge recognition for the work we’ve done over the last six months, especially given the fact that the competition was so high in our category. It really rubber-stamps the work that we have done with the Bath Rugby Foundation and our other partners.
The Friary project is already starting to gain a good reputation. The fact that it is now an award-winning project is going to allow us to beat a louder drum when we approach other partners. We have now found that we can the project out into Chippenham and into Trowbridge and are looking to engage with other partners.”


Chapter 1 Charity Ltd

Dean Ashton - National Sport Development Manager, Chapter1:
“To get an award like this is an absolute privilege. It shows that what we are doing at The Limes is working.
It’s the best job you could have anyway. To see the difference in these young people is amazing. They could be leaving our project with six or seven qualifications and leaving with a smile. That is massive.”


Robert Muza – Newport BME Provision

Robert Muza:
“It was unexpected, but very exciting to get the award. It pays me back for what I am doing in the community.
I had a wonderful time working for Coca Cola at the Olympics as part of their Venue Operations team. That came through StreetGames and I thought that was the best present I could get only to surprised again last night.”

Coming soon - the winners’ stories in full.