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Why support StreetGames?

At StreetGames we are passionate about using sport to make a real difference in young people’s lives. The benefits of taking part in sport on a regular basis - from improved health to social confidence and everything in-between - are well documented and we believe that all young people should have the chance to benefit from these, regardless of their background.

We aim to change sport, change communities and change lives

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How your money makes a difference to young people

£50 could buy three footballs, three netballs and 10 tubes of tennis balls for a StreetGames project

£100 could buy a place on an introductory coaching course for a young person from a StreetGames project

“When I joined my StreetGames project I didn’t really understand about the value of things. But the more I got involved and learnt, the more I became grateful for the help we get.” Mohammed, StreetGames Stoke

£150-250 could buy a young person a place on a national governing body of sport’s entry-grade Level 1 coaching course.

£500 could pay for one young person’s place on The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers outward-bound residential week.

£5,000 could buy 20 young people in a StreetGames project a fully-qualified coach for one session a week for a whole year


Text STGA15 £2 to 70070 to donate to StreetGames and make a difference today.