Girls/Women's sport research

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How do you feel about sport and excercise?

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Insight from the Us Girls Programme

The following documents and research reports outline the achievements and successes of the Us Girls programme so far and set out some of the lessons learned in relation to engaging young women in sport:


The following documents will give essential background information about women and sport.

Document centre 

Multisport research

We have recently undertaken some research with a number of Us Girls projects in order to find out what kind of multi sport work is taking place, what is working well and what the challenges are. This report details findings such as the barriers projects face including childcare, exit routes and tracking systems, as well as the importance of the social elements, the close involvement of the co-ordinator, the coaching styles and structures of the sessions. 

All projects interviewed were keen to continue with the multisport provision and are planning to build on what they had already planned/achieved. It is evident that projects would benefit from sharing the learning about multisport provision as there is little experience in this area of work for 16-24 year old women.

The full report can be read at the link below:

Report on Multisport Work Within Active Women Projects >