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Us Girls is rolling out a pioneering new national scheme designed to improve the well-being of young women living in selected areas of health need in England, thanks to funding from the Department of Health.

The ground-breaking initiative, Us Girls Alive, is a new strand of the existing Us Girls programme and will support young female volunteers to assist in the development of Us Girls Alive clubs and the signposting to local physical activity programmes across the country until September 2015.

With £395,839 in funding from the Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund from the Department of Health, Us Girls Alive will promote volunteering as the key to health improvements for young women living in disadvantaged communities. As a direct result of the funding, 120 young female volunteers will create and manage thirty new Us Girls Alive clubs across England. Known as ‘motivators’, the volunteers will arrange and coordinate opportunities for physical activity, with each club having its own scheduled sessions at times appropriate for their communities. As well as sport, the ‘motivators’ will be involved in providing inclusive and informative activities that combine social activity with health improvement; such as healthy cooking, weight management and sexual health.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Us Girls Alive programme click here


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In order to help with the set up and implementation of your Us Girls Alive clubs, here are some helpful documents

Survey Information:

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Information Papers:

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