Us Girls Starz

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Us Girls Starz will provide new and improved sporting opportunities for young females aged 10 to 12 years living in disadvantaged communities in London; supporting participants on a journey through sport so they remain active in their local community. The programme will provide participants with skills and confidence to shape their own destiny with sport at the heart of their lifestyle.

Us Girls Strarz was developed by StreetGames through an exciting partnership with Women Win and Nike's Women's 10k event; We Own the Night. This partnership has given us the opportunity to raise funds to develop Us Girls Starz and to help more girls around London get active.

StreetGames will take the learning and expertise from our award winning Us Girls programme in order to focus on the 10 to 12 year old female market. Four projects in London will deliver an innovative programme of sports, dance, and activity sessions in a local community setting. StreetGames will provide a support package for each project, as well as support with monitoring, evaluation, and publicity.