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StreetGames places great emphasis on volunteering within its projects and, in partnership with the Co-operative, runs The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteer (CSYV) programme in over 80 of its projects.

The CSYV programme, which was established in 2007, offers volunteering opportunities for 16-25 year-olds within StreetGames projects, helping them make a positive difference in their local community. A typical young volunteer will support and run local sport sessions and tournaments, assist at large-scale national sports tournaments, learn how to coach sport and design youth-led activities. By contributing in this way, they increase resources in their local community, providing more young people with the opportunity to participate in sport. The Programme also assists participants in developing their confidence, self-esteem and community leadership skills, and they have the opportunity to gain recognised awards and qualifications.


One of the many young people that the CSYV programme has helped is Lewis Bratcher. Lewis was given an ASBO and served a short-term jail sentence before he joined his local CSYV project. Read about how he turned his life around, with the help of the CSYV.  

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